the f-word paradox



Feeling Festive with my shoe boxes

Giving Back is always in Style and today's focus is  The Shoebox Project. At this time of year, there is a great deal of "wants" but there are also some significant "needs". I hope to show my  daughter that the power... Continue Reading →

Fabulous DIFFerent Find

Be DIFFerent Frame your Face For a cause

5 Questions Feature on Work Life Balance with Dr Mamta Gautam

      There is this old episode of Roseanne in which after a long day at work, she comes home to the kids fighting loudly and needing attention, the house a mess and dinner not ready. Her husband looks... Continue Reading →

Football….hey it’s an F-Word!

Football…..hey it’s an F- Word!   I would never have imagined, I mean ever, writing a post with the word Football in it but there is a reason why this blog is called the F-word Paradox! Friday, July 8th will... Continue Reading →

Forever Friends

Forever Friends     Fitness is what brought us together over 20 years ago. Our friendships are still strong, loving, supportive and fun. I am a firm believer that we are meant to enjoy our friendships, we did then and... Continue Reading →

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