Sometimes it takes reading other blogs to provide you with some inspiration or motivation to start your own blog or write a new blog post. This past week I felt like I hit a wall, a blog block (love this term) if you will, lots of ideas swirling around but I could not put any thoughts, statements, words or ideas into anything that would be worth reading. Frustrating would be one F word that comes to mind! My guess is that the blog block is due to Mother’s Day fast approaching and so is my oldest child’s 24th Birthday! This will be the first time I have not celebrated either of these special days with him and as my youngest child, 6, likes to say (usually when she does not get an extra cookie) “you are breaking my heart”. Of course there is a lot more to this situation but for now we will leave it at that and focus on how the blog block broke!

I have been following several blogs on topics that are of interest to me for years. Before I subscribe, I always start with reading the About Me section to get a sense of who that person is and why they blog. I not only want content but I want to be able to relate to them on some level. Whether they have a story, a way with words, great ideas or fabulous pictures the blog needs to make me feel like my time was well spent. That’s my criteria to follow but also what I strive to do with The F-Word Paradox.

Today inspiration to write came from the blog Running with Spoons, health coach and food blogger Amanda Drozdz posts healthy food recipes (such as this weeks chocolate chip cookie dough mug recipe) but her weekly “link love” which are links to interesting articles about a variety of fitness oriented topics gave me the idea to share a few links to blogs I follow. I hope that you find inspiration from their words and pictures.


Running with Spoons Healthy Eating

Detoxnista Healthy eating and food combining healthy lifestyle


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