Recently, I have been working as a stylist for an Ottawa Law Firm. This firm is in the process of updating their website. In this day and age, they understand the importance of image not only the individual images of the lawyers but the overall image of the firm as well. The reality is we live in a visual society and we are judged based on our appearance. Social media plays a significant role in how we market our businesses’ and ourselves and savvy people and corporations understand this significance in a competitive workplace environment. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and the relevance of this statement is even more impactful than it was due to technology and our online presence. Perception is key if the pictures are old and dated the perception could be that so is the thinking of the individual and the company…our image is our brand and it stands to reason that we make it work for us not against.


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Photographer John Kealey



Do not underestimate the importance of a headshot. Most people do not update their headshots regularly and keep an existing picture for several years. These pictures can act as the first point of reference for a potential client and the firm they are associated with and or represent. There are advance considerations that can be made to ensure a successful shoot resulting in a headshot that captures the image you want to project.

-Bring a few pieces of clothing and accessories to select from. Colour is key especially in headshots. The goal is to frame the individual, not the garments. You may consider a colour analysis prior to determining your best and most flattering colours.

-For those that wear glasses and are considering a new pair, this would be a great opportunity to pursue prior to the shoot. Glasses can be an image enhancer or spoiler…having complimentary & current style frames visually illustrates that you are current, which also says so, is your thinking.

Setting up the shots


-Pay attention to the details; For example, wear all season type clothing in neutral colours and fabrics (avoid season specific garments i.e. linen suits, summer dresses etc.)

-The focus should be the face, therefore, you want the eye to move upwards placing the interesting visuals on the upper torso.  As an image consultant, I always speak to my clients about the rule of 3. Individuals should always wear 3 pieces on their upper torso. This would include, glasses, necklaces, earrings, ties, layered garments, scarves, watch, cufflinks, pocket square, tie pins (yes they are back) This rule completes the look and illustrates an attention to detail.

– Personal grooming, individuals should consider a manicure (neutral colour) prior, ensuring facial hair is appropriate (i.e. eyebrows, ear hair, facial hair etc.) Ladies may consider having a blowout the day before since they generally last a few days and minimal touch ups can be done the day of. Makeup should be natural.

-Do not get a haircut the day before a shoot

-Ladies will want to bring their own cosmetics for a touch-up prior to their photos. Depending on the type shoot and location many companies and photographers can arrange and make available the services of a stylist, makeup artist, and hairstylist.

With advance preparation, you will feel more confident, relaxed and this will translate into a fabulous headshot!