The last Fashion Friday #OOTD post was all about incorporating 5 fall fashion trends at once when in fact I was incorporating 6 trends but felt that the last one deserved its own blog post.  Louis Vuitton recently launched a line of sold-separately Bandoulière Straps. These Louis Vuitton shoulder straps lvshoulderstraps-jpghave become a huge trend this fall and they are selling out quickly. The shoulder straps easily update an older shoulder-bag style, convert some of the handbag styles into shoulder bags and give the handbags (and wearers)more  versatility. The Bandoulière straps start at $575 CDN, the prices when compared to brands of a similar caliber, are actually pretty well priced….well at least in the luxury goods category. Here are some of the advantages of the Bandoulière straps or perhaps a way to justify the price:

  • the strap can customize your handbag
  • the straps are reversible therefore offering versatility
  • the straps are not as expensive as a purse
  • the strap is functional (larger width strap provides more comfort and it tends to stay put)
  • the strap is easy to clip on and off
  • the strap can replace a worn out strap on a well-loved bag without the need to buy a new purse
  • the straps are attractive

Small purses are also trending this fall and a favorite amongst LV lovers is the Favorite PM clutch which can be worn as a cross body, as a shoulder- bag and also as an evening bag. With the addition of one of the new Bandoulière straps, there are many more styling options presented. Here is how I styled the Favorite PM clutch purse with an animal print shoulder strap.



For some, a Louis Vuitton handbag may be considered frivolous but for many fashion lovers and purse enthusiasts a LV handbag is a faithful companion and has a special place in their wardrobe and heart.