“Women who wear Black lead Colourful lives” Neiman Marcus

December is always a busy month! I don’t think I am alone feeling like there is just not enough time to get everything done. In addition to planned events, there are always those last minute invites or impromptu outings that just come out of nowhere and then we ask  ourselves “what am I going to wear”?  Since I’m in the business, it’s important that I am  projecting the right image because you never know where you will meet your next client. My “go to” or default is wearing all black ensembles. Due to our climate, I am not always feeling  like wearing a “LBD” so   I like to create an outfit by mixing and matching existing black garments from my wardrobe . Fine tuning the look with accessories allows me to personalize the outfit for each occasion. Another benefit of wearing all black is that this colour is known to contribute to making  the wearer  feel confident, sexy and stylish….that works for me!cdquote


Off shoulder, tops have been trending for a few seasons. This style is not only popular but complimentary for most women. There are different style lines to consider for your body type such as  a single off shoulder, a double  off shoulder or the popular peek-a-boo neckline . You can find multiple versions of the off shoulder tops fabricated  in knits, silks, satin, velvet, cotton and even microfiber. I particularly enjoy this look for the evening  and with the festive season upon there are many opportunities to wear this style.

blkootd4 (the manufacturer refers to this garment as a dress)that I purchased from Marshall’s. I also have it in Navy as seen in this blog. This “top” looks great with denim and/or worn with a  pencil skirt. This particular style is great for concealing the midriff and will work well on most pear and apple shape body types. The key to finding your appropriate style is ensuring the style accentuates your positives and detracts from your problem areas. For this particular party, I wore  it  with a pair of leather motto leggings, low boots, choker style necklace, silver earrings and a set of bangles.