Flying can be stressful. Most people have a love/hate relationship with airports. There is the excitement of traveling, especially when going on a holiday but the dread of airport security, delays, and cancellations.  Finding a functional outfit to wear while traveling is worth prepping in advance because ultimately we want a balance between being comfortable and still looking stylish.

Finding that ideal travel look involves a few key pieces that are functional and when worn together can elevate your look. This is my go to outfit formula:travel14

1-Footwear: I always start with what shoes I am going to wear. A pair of slip on shoes is key, not only are they easy but you will navigate the security lines so much faster, unlike those travelers who wear the most impractical shoes and outfits and slow down the lines for what seems like an eternity. I am loving the stylish flatform style sneaker for those reasons but also because you can wear socks to avoid bare feet in the security line-up and your toes will stay warm in flight! Flatforms will also add some height (slimming) while keeping your feet flat. Vince flatform sneaker here, similar here and here.

2-Jeans: jeggings are the way to go (a jean with lots of stretch) I like to wear the type that has faux pockets and fly…easy slip on and off …think airplane washroom, not to mention they do not trigger metal detectors. I like the fit, comfort, price and style line of these Hue leggings.


Hue Legging


3-Oversized T-shirt: not only comfortable with a relaxed stylish look but easy to wear and so versatile. I am loving this tunic style from Studio D which has a flattering elongated silhouette. ( new spring style collection available this week) this top could also do double duty as a bathing suit coverup!


Studio D tunic

4-Cardigan: Layering is a key to your comfort especially when traveling between 2 different climates. This versatile long duster cardigan is not only stylish and flattering it adds a layer of warmth and can act as a blanket while in flight. Cardigan Eileen Fisher sold out, similar here and here.


5-Blanket Scarf: a great layering piece to complete and elevate your outfit but also versatile enough to be a makeshift pillow, blanket or bathing suit cover up (pareo). Wearing a travel-friendly scarf also eliminates the need to wear necklaces which can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. Nordstrom scarf sold out, loving the  variety of  options here


Finally, they say it’s bad manners to keep a vacation waiting…so I am now wearing this functional flyer style and bidding you “hasta luego” until  March 22nd, the next blog post!