Feedback is good especially when it’s positive and unexpected as in today’s OOTD.

A compliment is verbal sunshine…Robert Orben

Have you ever had one of those days when you get stopped several times and people comment on your outfit? Recently, this happened to me while wearing this OOTD. This always makes me smile and happy, it is always great to receive a compliment, especially when it is your “typical” daily outfit look. Therefore I snapped a few pictures and voila we have content for a new blog post.

When not directly working with clients this look is representative of my everyday style. I want and need to be comfortable but I still like for my outfit to represent my sense of style. Part of my strategy is layering but also deviating from the expected.

So here are the details on this look. For those that follow me you, you know that recently, I have been featuring my purchases from This side split hooded longline sweatshirt was a piece that I instantly loved and could envision wearing it almost daily but it was not a piece that I considered posting about or featuring it in an OOTD.  These camo pants I am loving, are from a Canadian company called Silver Icing. I was introduced to this company by one of my followers. After visiting the website I ordered these pants and they have been in my rotation several times a week (easy to style)! Our weather has been unpredictable lately and unseasonably cool so layering this oversized grey denim vest was a good choice. The Vest changed the style line, added more texture and of course provided some necessary warmth. Lastly, I am loving my new flatforms, these will most certainly be on steady rotation this summer. I will wear these shoes with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts…the flatform and colour combination offers lots of styling versatility and yes they are comfortable!







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Vest here

Sweatshirt here, I like this one and this one too!

Camo-pants here, contact my sales representative here

Flatforms here

For those who subscribe to the f-word paradox, like, comment and follow me on social media, thank you! I take it as a compliment because the most valuable thing you can give someone is your time!