It finally happened! Where did time go? Where did my life go? Where did I go?

This did not happen for me at 50 , it was 52. Some would say a slow learner but I like to view it as an observation period. For most of my life I have been involved in fashion. I started working retail at the age of 15 for a women’s clothing store chain. I loved it and was recognized as a top seller yet for me it was not the sales as much as helping the clientele achieve the look they wanted to project that was important. When you feel good your confidence increases and goals feel much more attainable. I felt that the fashion cycle was a parallel to my life. You begin with the introduction phase move to the rise and acceptance phase then you peak , afterwards there is the decline and potentially rejection or what I like to call it the “revamp” because fashion is cyclical….and so can aspects of our lives. What is old is new again.

Pregnant pause. At 47 I gave birth to my third child ( My older children are from a previous relationship) I am so thankful to be in the this relationship with as corny as it sounds, the love of my life. I love being his partner and a mom yet its different, I’m different now. The first few years are challenging with small children, blending family units and new relationships combine that with getting older and sometimes you question yourself…hence the paradox. When this pause dissipated into being more manageable I wondered where did it go? The time, my energy, myself…ahhh the changes. I want to feel fabulous, I want to be fashionable, I want to be healthy and to be fit , I want to live life not be complacent which would be such an easy path to follow. I want to learn from my mistakes but also learn new things. Easier said then done has new meaning. The wisdom at 50 is freeing and I want to look at things as the glass is half full.

So fifty is fine and it has potential to even being fabulous!