Finally, I have launched , this has been a “blog” that I have been thinking about and creating for a long time perhaps my lifetime. Why now? simply put I “woke” up figuratively speaking since I really do not sleep that well anymore, and I did an inventory of my life. Certain things are fabulous but others things are missing or have been neglected and I want to change that.

Therefore, I decided to write about it and share….why is that important? Well for me it’s a journey , a chance to reflect, explore, learn and change. I feel like a paradox…I ‘m living a life that many younger women with 5 year olds live but I’m not 20 , 30, or 40 I am in my fifties … I’ve had a marital realignment and am on a “do-over “ I have changed, my body is changing and life from my perspective can be fun yet frustrating, freeing yet final. …I am fearful yet fascinated with this journey.

Welcome to the “F” word Paradox