Most people in Ottawa eagerly await our summer season. It is relatively short and before you know it , it will be September with Fall just around the corner. So for the remainder of August, my 4 featured  F-words will be:

Fitness, Food, Family and Focus


Fitness at the beginning of this summer was my  nemesis. I injured my Achilles at the end of June and was unable to run for a month. Since I started running , over 20 years ago, I have been fortunate with only a few minor injuries. Running has been mentally therapeutic for me and it was frustrating when I was unable to run. After a month off, I have finally been able to get out there and pound the pavement but it has not been easy. After time off it almost feels like you are starting over, your cardio/stamina has diminished and breathing has been more difficult,…perhaps the hot humid temps have also been a factor. So as most people, I turn to the internet for tips, pointers, and motivators. This is a great article on shortness of breath while exercising.  I also find running to music helps and use the Rock my Run  app that I have on my phone which allows me ($) to download or stream music …nothing like running to an awesome playlist, it’s totally motivating. I also have my four legged friend, Oscar, that accompanies me and with this fabulous leash… our

runs have been so much more enjoyable (for runs, I wrap it around my waist=handsfree yippee) Isabelle also now joins us now that she has mastered riding her bike (thank you Pedalheads) This has been freeing and I really like that feeling. Here’s hoping I have run far enough away from any more injuries.

Food is synonymous with summer. We are fortunate to be able to purchase lots of local produce whether it be at one of the areas farmers market or at our local grocery store. It’s a great way to incorporate fresh produce into our meals while supporting local growers. Recently, our household has become “mostly” gluten free and I am continuously searching for websites that offer healthy,easy and fast recipes to try.

Here are 4 recipes that look tasty and worthy of trying this month:

Eating Bird Food -Almond Butter Chicken Salad

Detoxnista -Garden Vegetable Salad Rolls with “Peanut” dipping sauce (like those at Whole Foods)

Running with Spoons- Almond butter & jelly Banana Bread Bars

MBG – Vegan Banoffee Pie Cups (already made these last night-AWESOME!)

Family time is important and we have just planned a getaway to Mont Tremblant for a few days in hopes of some fun and R&R! Friends recommended a property that we are excited to try. It has the amenities that are important when travelling with kids (21 & 6) such as a swimming pool and internet I am so looking forward to sitting by the pool and being so much more relaxed now that Isabelle is swimming. Her fear of getting her head wet has totally dissipated thanks to a $4.49 swim mask  and of course swimming lessons.   Hiking, biking, exploring will also be on the agenda as will be a new summer read. I just finished my first summer read which no doubt will now be read by hubby. Nothing says summer like a good John Grisham novel.


Finally, with a focus or maybe just a glance towards fall, for now, I look forward to reading some of these fall Fashion magazines for inspiration. I also look forward to the day when I can wear what I consider a fabulous fashion find ,this pair of Mackage black leather stretch leggings . Another focus is writing more blog posts featuring five questions with Dr. Mamta Gautam, Catherine Ennis and Julie Nott, in addition to continuing regular blog posts with  more F-words!

For now, I will be focusing on enjoying the remainder of summer and I hope you will too.