I love the colour grey , in fact, much of my wardrobe contains various shades of grey! What I do not like are the grey hair roots that are appearing on my head and much more frequently. Frustration is a good f-word to explain my feelings du jour. For me, a salon visit for a colour touch-up would be every 6 weeks but now with these grey roots  showing up,  I need to go every 3 weeks. I chatted with my stylist Amal, from Suite 13 Hair Design,  she explained to me that I now have more grey hair which happens to be more visible. So what can I do?  Salon visits are expensive, not to mention the time factor…. Enter “eufora conceal


Eufora Conceal is a hair product that temporarily conceals unwanted grey hair and regrowth. There are lots of similar products on the market but this product gives you instant coverage. Conceal is a  lightweight professional powder. It has a unique retractable brush that makes for a quick and easy application. No mess. No dry time. No stickiness, it will last until your next shampoo and it is good for all hair types. Conceal is available in:euforadisplay
*Dark Brown

I am excited, this product works. Using Conceal will enable me to extend my salon visits to every  5 weeks which is an improvement. Including taxes, I paid $35 CDN at my salon . Feeling less frustrated now!