As most of us, I love a great deal especially when it is easy to wear , versatile, comfortable and yes black! I purchased this black dress from Simons in Montreal recently (available online here) with the idea of wearing it as a tunic over leather leggings but I also love it as a dress with black opaque tights and a great shoe. Speaking of shoes, I love this pair, shoeheelsaren’t they fabulous? I purchased this pair a few years ago and really look forward to any occasion I can wear them.   Anyways, back to this dress, which is a flare style in velour that is  simple& elegant and did I mention only $58.00? I see lots of versatility with this dress, as I mentioned as a tunic over leggings or dark denim, but also with a pair of OTN boots (or short booties) teamed with a  denim jacket or funky vest (or both) and you would have some  totally fabulous and wearable looks!

For this particular occasion, a black tie event, I created an elegant look with a bit of edge…As I always tell clients, you want the eye to move upwards to your face. I achieved this by wearing a gold choker necklace and vintage Fendi earrings , faceblogwhile the rest of the ensemble was predominantly  black. Yes , the shoes do have an eye-catching gold heel, however, they are dark enough in front to allow the eye to move upwards, while  still providing an interesting visual (heel) but mostly from a behind or a side view. Final note, accessories can really elevate an inexpensive dress to a new level but don’t leave this to the last minute. Play dress-up in your closet, take a selfie in the outfits that you like & make you feel fabulous and voila you now have a few options for when an occasion presents itself!