Let me first start by saying I believe in individual style, not the form of style which is dictated to us but a true personal style that is based on our unique personalities, lifestyle and most importantly what makes us feel good and confident. When speaking with clients about developing personal style I always tell them that you do not want your garments to wear you, you want to wear your garments….Trends can be tricky and not all trends work for everyone. What I like best about trends is that they can help take a piece of clothing that you have had on rotation for several seasons and make it current simply  by incorporating a popular trend. For example, a choker style necklace worn with a much loved LBD will instantly make the “dress” current just by incorporating that on trend piece.

While in NYC recently there were 5 fashion trends that were present everywhere we went. We spent a lot of time walking and taking the subway through the various boroughs. Regardless of where we went these fashion trends were seen in the streets, subways, shops, cafes, restaurants & at the shows. The fashion trends I am referring to are white runners, fur (faux and real), choker style necklaces, black ripped jeans & OTN boots (over the knee).

Runners, namely the Adidas Stan Smith runners or similar versions were spotted adidas-stan-smith-2014-00everywhere and they were worn by both men and women. The most common look for these runners was in combination with black leggings or skinny jeans ,sweaters, blanket scarves and toques. Click on this white sneaker trend from Who What Wear and you will see many other popular ways this trend is worn.  For me, I’m taking a pass, although I agree with comfort while walking white runners are not part of my personal style. I do wear runners but they are worn in conjunction with exercise. I much prefer wearing my Chelsea boots which are comfortable, versatile and actually the only footwear I wore the entire trip!

Faux and real fur was everywhere. People were wearing fur garments such as fur vests, furcoatscoats, knitted fur sweaters/jackets or accessorising with fur scarves, collars, wraps, toques with fur pompons, fur hats, purses, key chains attached to the outside of a purse, ear muffs….  also spotted were many styles of  coats with multi -coloured real fur lining and of course the still much coveted Canada Goose coats were featured in all the upscale stores. This fur trend I am all over and love wearing it. My favourite purchase was this eco-friendly fur coat by Masnada which I am having fun wearing and styling!


Choker style necklaces are the  jewellery accessory of choice these days. Yes, another necklace-jpgtrend that I am happy to incorporate. I love the versatility this type of necklace offers, in addition, it works well for and on most women. For those who prefer more of a “statement piece”, a choker style necklace can be layered with other pieces to achieve this look. For those who prefer a more subtle  look , this necklace style can be found in delicate chain links with or without embellishments.  A cautionary word,  you may wish to avoid skin tone hues around your neck since  (such as strands of leather in natural tones or flesh toned ribbons) it may visually project as wrinkles on your neck, which are neither a flattering or desired effect.


Denim especially ripped  skinny black denim continues to be very current. Another trend I am happy to incorporate mostly due to the nature of my work and lifestyle. This trend is easy to adopt for the following reasons:

  • affordability: these jeans are available at every price point
  • availability: you can find them everywhere in your favourite stores or online
  • versatility:  denim comes in a variety of style lines, therefore allowing you to find a fit that works for you (stretch, high waisted, low waisted, sizing -petite, average and plus sizes)
  • variety: you will find pairs of “ripped” jeans vary in terms of how many tears, rips, patches or slits they incorporate therefore you can have a more subtle effect or a more distressed effect. TIP for cooler months you can layer tights underneath not only does this provide warmth but it individualises the look.

Here are some links  here  from Stylecaster and here from Glamour UK on how to wear your distressed denim and perhaps provide you with some outfit inspiration!


OTK boots (over the knee) have been steadily gaining popularity since 2013 and have been otnbootwidely adopted by fashionistas everywhere. Despite being a trend for already 3+ years it continues to be very strong. The difference now is in the styling of these boots, today you will see a variety of colours many more embellishments such as studs, patches, fringes, varying heel heights, proportions and materials. With that said I do like this trend but have not adopted it. My reasoning is pragmatic, OTK boots generally end at a not so flattering part of my legs. A tall boot or ankle boot are much more complementary for me. A general rule is that a hemline should end at the most flattering part of your leg which for most women is just above the knee or just below the knee the same “rule”can be applied to the length of your boots. So for those who have those legs enjoy and I will admire your OTK boots from the sidelines. Here is a link from Who What Wear on how to wear your OTK boots.


A final note about all these 5 fashion trends is they can be found locally at your favourite stores  and online in a variety  of styles, colours, sizes and price points! If you know of any great places to purchase these fashion trends and /or some additional style tips on how to wear them, please be sure to comment below!