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Five Popular Fashion Trends that everyone is wearing in NYC

Let me first start by saying I believe in individual style, not the form of style which is dictated to us but a true personal style that is based on our unique personalities, lifestyle and most importantly what makes us... Continue Reading →

Fashion Friday #OOTD Feeling Blue!

Feeling Blue this week....a tad sad that we are back from our trip to NYC but returning nonetheless full of memories some which are Beautiful as in the Carol King Musical  type of way and then some not so good... Continue Reading →

Fashion Friday #OOTD

Feeling excited about my trip to NYC! To simplify packing I like to travel with a capsule wardrobe which  I pack in advance to ensure I have everything I need...that being said if I did forget a thing or two,wink ,wink nudge, nudge,... Continue Reading →

Fashionable Thinking….Designer Eileen Fisher speaks in NYC

Fashionable Thinking Eileen Fisher, NYC fashion designer spoke to a small group of people via a Meet up hosted by Fashionista   (source for the latest fashion news at Space 530 in NYC with spring in the air. I was... Continue Reading →

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