Black Friday is gone and now we welcome Cyber Monday! If you are like me your inbox is inundated with emails from your favorite sites with these fabulous Cyber Monday deals and bargains ….are these deals worth buying or not? According to a Marketwatch article published on November 30th, there are several things you should avoid buying but for those who cannot resist the best deals to be had on Cyber Monday is shopping for clothes !

A bargain ain’t a bargain unless it’s something you need.  ~Sidney Carroll

So you have found that “bargain” and it is proving to be very difficult to not give into the temptation since you have decided that it is in fact, a “need” so can you justify that purchase? do you do it? or do you resist? Here is one extra step you can use before you hit that purchase button. Apply the cost per wearing formula (CPW) to see if it is truly a deal that you need. Simply stated you divide the cost of the item by the number of times you will wear the garment which equals your CPW.  However, this formula can be expanded which is when you can really see if it is in fact, a bargain. The easiest way to explain would be using an illustration, so I was happy to purchase this sweater at Nordstrom’s which was already reduced but due to it being Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend it was an additional 20% off!cyber9

Original cost: $421.00


Sale Price: $214.80

less 20%: $171.84

HST @13%: $22.34

Total cost: $194.18

This is the way I figure out my CPW:

Garment is neutral, simple style lines, with great layering possibilities ( my favorite fall vest from this blog post) and has the ability to be worn 3 seasons



  •  wearing 1 x per week for winter months (Dec, Jan, Feb) 12 times
  • wearing  2 x per month (Mar, Apr) 4 times
  • wearing 2x per month fall months (Sept,Oct, Nov) 6 times

12 +4+6=22 times be worn (conservative estimate)

$195.00 divided by 22 times =$8.86 CPW for one year, however, due to the neutrality & simplicity of this sweater I will continue wearing it for several years, therefore reducing the CPW significantly , for example 5 years in total $195.00 divided by 110 wears (22 wears X 5 years) = $1.77 CPW (I have a similar sweater in grey that I have had 10+ years and it is still in rotation) Yes , this is a good buy!cyber17use


Final word…your finances are your business but remember :
“Credit buying is much like being drunk.  The buzz happens immediately and gives you a lift…. The hangover comes the day after.”  ~Joyce Brotherscyber22use