How is that for a title?  5 f-words which when arranged all together equals a win-win!

This time of year is a great time to stock up on some fantastic deals. Retailers (online and instore) are typically clearing out their merchandise, doing inventory and getting ready for their spring shipments …sure lots has been picked through but there are some great finds out there you just need to look or sometimes it finds you. That “find” can be life altering, okay maybe not so much life altering but mood altering-in a good way. There is a sense of satisfaction when you find that piece of clothing, accessory, footwear or anything else for that matter that says to you I have scored a great item for a great price. Now, of course, criteria will differ from person to person, for me I follow these discretionary guidelines:

Find: what is it? do I need it? do I like it? does it fit with my lifestyle? actually pretty easy to justify “item” into a need when it is such a great deal are you with me? But those fabulous finds really need to be something you are going to wear or it is not the find for you.

Fit: it’s  got to fit, period. It is not a fabulous frugal find if you can not wear it…so put it back if it does not fit.

Found:  It’s that moment where that item is found…either online while surfing the discounted, last chance or get an extra 50% off type of moment or you are in a store and it’s just there, like the vest I am wearing from Winners, it had been heavily discounted

Vest from Winners

and just a perfect piece for me, my lifestyle and budget. And these jeans from another retailer with the fashionable raw cropped hemline where I know it’s a current look, but still find it difficult to spend $$$   (read this)So when I saw these jeans and for $12.99? it was win-win. Sometimes the “found item” is something which I have been coveting but could not justify purchasing….and then I have found it and it’s  on sale and I think of this Winners commercial and I so don’t want to be that girl lol. (good idea to have this card too, just in case)

Old Navy Jeans $12.99


Frugal meter: A reality check is the frugal meter. That is taking your CPW (explained here) and determining whether you actually found that fabulous find or not. For example, the Old Navy jeans at $12.99 fit all of the criteria. I wear jeans most days so they fit my lifestyle. I enjoy wearing current trends that work for me and my lifestyle. They fit, I love the denim wash, the higher waist, the little bit of stretch and the raw cropped hemline (these jeans and most Old Navy merchandise are available in petite, regular & tall). I found them at Old Navy, which initially surprised me but after this purchase, I have been seeing that Old Navy is gaining popularity and favorable reviews like here.  Finally, the frugal meter or CPW for these jeans is fantastic since I envision and have started wearing these jeans several times a week. I will continue to do so as they will be fabulous and easy to style for spring, summer and no doubt next fall which equals pennies per wearing! Win-win!

Boots L’ 
Sunglasses DIFF Eyewear


Jeans: Old Navy instore ( online HERE  also purchased these ones HERE instore they were only 10.99)*if you sign up for emails you can receive 30% off your first online purchase

Vest: Blue Duck Winners, instore (similar HERE and HERE and HERE)

Sunglasses: DIFF eyewear HERE