I have been MIA for way too long and missing my favorite f-words and of course my f-word paradox followers!

Many people have mixed feelings about February, good or bad, it tends to be a cold and a gray month which can affect a person’s mood. Personally, I have noticed the winter months are getting difficult especially for my frame of mind. The lack of sunshine is certainly a contributor. In the last year, I started taking vitamin D supplements dubbed the sunshine vitamin and was pleasantly surprised that they work and now a daily part of my regimen. Here is an interesting article from Healthline which discusses the benefits of Vitamin D.

Probably now you are wondering where the heck am I going with this and what does it have to do with Fashion? The answer is these fabulous sunglasses have a therapy lens. Can you ever be too happy? I have now dubbed them my happy glasses because when looking through these lenses, life is so much brighter!

Several months ago I wrote this blog post about Diff eyewear. I am a great fan of these glasses and the charitable component.  Diff eyewear appeals to a diverse demographic and I thought they would be a perfect Christmas gift for my older daughter. She had been coveting my other pair and dropping hints every opportunity she had. She is now a huge fan and loving her own DIFF’s. Initially, I purchased these glasses for the style and colour combination and when I saw that the lenses where a therapy lens I thought what a great idea and a bonus(same price as regular lenses). FYI when I ordered these glasses they were having a BOGO sale so I got a pair too and could not be “happier” yes, pun intended. As soon as I received the glasses I had to try them on and pretty much have been wearing them every day. Blue or Gray skies these sunnies are shining on me and my mood. Who knows with all the new styles being launched I may need a new pair! Want more information on therapy lenses? Check out this interesting post from Psychology 24 here on light and coloured glasses. Want a pair visit Diff Eyewear selected Rose frames are now 50% off using code DIFF2017

Final note, I enjoyed taking time off over the festive season and in January decided to give myself a gift of more time. For me, the holiday season and certain events left me feeling tired and depleted. Social media has many great components and features but it also can be very time consuming and after thinking back over this last year” The 5 ball analogy” from this blog post on Work Life Balance, contributed by Dr. Mamta Gautam continues to resonate with me.

Here is an excerpt: 

Can you elaborate on The Five Ball analogy, please?

  • We are constantly juggling the 5 balls: Work, Home/Family, Relationships, Friends, Self.
  • Of all of these, the Work Ball is the rubber ball. If it falls, it bounces back. If you have to make a choice, choose to drop this one, in a responsible manner.
  • The other balls are much more fragile – if dropped, they can dent, crack or shatter entirely.

With that in mind, I am going to ensure that my focus is on what is most important while still playing ball but a bit less.