Taking something old and making it “new” again can be referred to as recycling, upcycling, reusing, repurposing, revising, reclaiming, restyling and refurbishing. This blog is about “re-FUR-bishing” an old fur coat. furcoatvintage

In today’s society, excessive human waste and consumption are concerns and sustainability has become a hot topic which is considered trendy. So is fur, it is a trend which continues to gain momentum. Fur  is long lasting, it can be re-styled and it is biodegradable. Many of my clients refer to me as the “closet lady” because they hire me to do a “closet audit” service. Part of this service is to offer recommendations on garments that are no longer being worn. In many of these closets, I find older or vintage fur coats, that are no longer being worn or the client has inherited a coat which does not fit or is not their style but for sentimental reasons they are unwilling to part with it. In fact, many of these closets contain numerous coats and their owners are unsure what to do with them.


Repurposing, restyling or re-Fur-bishing an existing garment is a fabulous solution. Coats can be repurposed into purses, throws, baby blankets (for strollers,sleighs etc) cushions or even made into teddy bears for children or grandchildren as a keepsake. Restyling a coat to a more wearable style is also very popular. Older coats tend to be so heavy to wear, with a restyling the coat can become a much lighter weight. There are lots of options depending on budget, coat, and condition of the pelts. My suggestion would be to take your coat to a reputable furrier and ask for suggestions and options.


For many years I had been storing this older fur coat because I was no longer interested in wearing it due to the heaviness and the out-dated style. I brought it to Pat Flesher Furs and after discussing my options decided to have it restyled into a lighter weight vest which would offer me lots of versatility. The vest can be styled over a jean jacket, leather jacket(light or dark), sweater or top and look great. It can also be belted, dressed up or take on a more casual look as shown here. The options are endless…..no doubt this vest will be seen many more times in my #OOTD especially with these temperatures.fur14feature

Maybe this post has given you some fur for thought?

In the meantime, Family is another favorite and important f-word , therefore the f-word paradox will be taking a break to spend time with family and friends over the holiday season. Wishing you and your’s health, happiness and  all the best for 2017 

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