Wrap me up in style……

As in a wrap me up in a stylish winter coat because “Baby it’s cold outside“. This song is a classic and so is the wrap coat literally and figuratively. Today’s #OOTD or #COTD is over 20 years old and still in rotation! This is a fabulous example of a good investment piece, not to mention a great CPW . I had this black cashmere coat made while travelling in Hong Kong for a song….lol …for less than a $100.  I  had fallen in love with a cognac coloured hooded wrap coat by Ralph Lauren that I had seen in a fashion magazine and was hopeful I could have a similar coat made with a few modifications……..as this was pre-internet, I ripped out the picture and brought it with me. The process was simple and fast and the result, a spectacular coat that I have had such pleasure wearing ….and loaned out once or twice too! A wrap coat is a classic style quite simply because it flatters all silhouettes. The length, fabric, colour and detail of a wrap coat will vary but year after year you will see this style line re-introduced. In fact, Ralph Lauren is still producing a wrap coat similar to the one which inspired me all those years ago.


wrap12Accessorising a coat is a great way to make something old feel new again. Changing up the

Brunello Cucinelli belt

scarf, gloves, hat, boots or belt can give an instant update. Unfortunately, I lost the tie belt last season (perhaps a few f-words were spoken- quietly of course), therefore my challenge for this season was to find a new way of “belt-ing” the coat so I could continue to wear it belted, necessary on those cold days. Since replacing the custom belt was not an option, I drew inspiration from the internet and while shopping recently I found the perfect option….this leather bow belt for another song! (reg $495 reduced to $39 -yes a very fortunate & timely find) Now I just need not lose it……





Similar wrap coats for inspiration here



Similar Wrap Belts


Walking in a Winter Wonderland is even better when wrapped in a fabulous coat!