The last few #ootd posts have all been purchased on…it originally started with a top I had spotted and then that online session ended with several items in a shopping bag …there was a lure, of course, which danced over my screen every time I clicked….only a few $ more and then you qualify for FREE SHIPPING! I was hooked and that was not a coincidence. This is an online retail strategy and it works but quite frankly with today’s postage fees sometimes it is advantageous to add an item or 2 to your basket to qualify. If retailers were to get grades then Shein would get an A+. Free shipping is awarded after you spend $50 (US) plus they have other incentives such as sign up for their newsletter and get $3 off your first order, write a review and get points towards your future purchases etc etc. Therefore since I like to represent myself as a good shopper I added this dress to my shopping cart to qualify for the free shipping …hmm or was it the top? oh well as you can see in my latest posts here & here I actually did buy several items. All joking aside I did not spend a great deal, used the incentives and got free shipping but most importantly I like the garments, wear them and could easily justify their cost per wearing. Now back to this dress which I must tell you, I have already worn and am already loving the versatility it offers. It is considered a summer dress but as I am writing this post, outside my window there is a  SNOW SHOWER happening! Hard to believe it is May. Adding a leather jacket, leggings and a pair of Chelsea boots and voila this summer dress has now been transformed into an “wear it now” outfit.

Here are just a few styling options for this dress which by the way cost $19. In addition to the great price, I am loving the pockets, the feel of the fabric which is cozy, very stretchy and the tie dye print. This dress comes in a few colour options and there is a long sleeve version here too.

Let me know which is your favorite look!