Fast Fashion is a phrase used by fashion retailers that refer to a trend that is popular which they, in turn, interpret and manufacture very quickly (at an accessible price point) so that the consumer can see it, buy it and of course wear it!

Recently on one of these ever-present grey and rainy days, I saw a fabulous top on another blogger that I liked, and as most of us do,  I clicked on the item link to check it out. Surprisingly, the link took me to an online site that I was not familiar with. I would consider this site Fast Fashion, the products were on trend and the price points reasonable. For the next 30 minutes or so I had found quite a few items that appealed to me and before I knew it I had accumulated a basket full of items ( tip: place items in your basket when you like them, much easier to revisit, delete, change prior to checking out…and don’t forget “honey ” to see if any coupons or codes are available) They also offered  and encouraged, what I thought was a cool feature,  actual people (verified purchasers) uploading pictures of themselves wearing these items and sharing their  comments. This enables a potential buyer to get further information on the item they are considering such as is it true to size, different ways to style, fabric etc.IMG_9567

IMG_9573IMG_9621IMG_9619Final result, I did not end up purchasing the top that initially brought me to the site but I did end up purchasing a few other items which I will feature not only today but in future #OOTD. Shipping was included since I spent over $50 US and there were no additional duties. I also used “honey” and got $5 US off my order. I am now also considering uploading my own pictures to help other potential purchasers …ok probably an excuse to continue shopping ….but quite honestly what I am looking forward to most is some nice weather so I can wear these clothes!

Today’s #OOTD

Grey Long Sleeve Off the Shoulder Knotted Blouse HERE

Necklaces STUNNING! (instore) information HERE

Leather Leggings  HERE or vegan option HERE

Metallic Grey Boot sold out similar options HEREHERE and  HERE