It felt like it happened in one day! All of a sudden my upper arms became old , the skin elasticity gone replaced by dimples and underarm flab. NOT happy! Yes, diet and exercise can help with this and trust me I am willing to work on this but in the meantime, there are Gala’s and events to attend and now I am presented with some wardrobe challenges. As  an image consultant & stylist, I only know too well that if you are not feeling confident in what you are wearing  this can impede the image you want to project. I am not alone, many of my clients have shared their frustration with their upper arms as well. What is one to do? Shopping for new garments is one solution; however, this can be very expensive. In recent years, I came across this unique product that is a simple to use, cost effective and it will provide you with immediate results. I used to recommend it to clients but now  I am taking my own advice.


Sleevey Wonders are slip on sleeves that will work with your sleeveless tops, dresses as well as your strapless tops. From their website:

Transform your outfit into something amazing. Created by Ruthann Greenblat, Sleevey Wonders features patented, reversible slip-on sleeves that are made to wear under sleeveless tops and strapless dresses as a creative solution for women who don’t love the look of the bare arm dangle. We offer under sleeves in a variety of different styles to pair perfectly with any top or dress. From long sleeved mesh, to 3/4 sleeve jersey, you can find a style to perfectly match your fashionable choices.

These sleeves are fabulous, the benefits are:

  • camouflage areas of your arms or “Beautify your arms” (as the website says)
  • expand  your wardrobe sleevey-wonders-before-and-after-2
  • can provide confidence
  • visually they can slim the appearance of your arms
  • several style options to select from (bandeau, bell sleeve, basic in half sleeves and full sleeves and more)
  • several sizes to select from (including plus size)
  • several colour and fabric choices to select from (mesh, lace, jersey and more)
  • can be worn casual or dressy
  • light weight


I purchased my Sleevey Wonders from Shepherds Fashions which carry a few styles and colours in store  and online. I am enjoying the black mesh (shown) and black lace. After wearing the Sleevey Wonders  I am now also considering purchasing the bell sleeve style and the bandeau style for summer. To see the entire collection visit Sleevey Wonders online. Feeling Gala Ready now!